International Luxury Real Estate

Davis International, a subsidiary of Keith Davis Realty is a full-service team of experienced real estate and auction professionals specializing in luxury and high end properties.  Our proven real estate marketing methods bring highly sought after homes out of seclusion and place them front and center for the high-end buyer.

Marketing Luxury Property is more than square footage, bedrooms and baths. We have found in many cases, we are selling a piece of someone’s life, a dream that was made into reality. 

In telling the story of the property, we illustrate to the potential buyers the unique features and details that were carefully chosen by the designer.

We hear these personal stories from our sellers. Their materials were carefully selected, ranging from imported marble, to locally sourced wood.  Every luxury property has been specifically curated through its construction to create a one of a kind home that suited the tastes and lifestyle of its residents.

We feel many luxury properties do not sell in the traditional real estate market for one simple reason: It has not been exposed to the correct audience.


Luxury properties are often hidden from the public eye, either by their secluded location or by intentional design for optimal privacy. Davis International understands the robust, high-end exposure your unique property needs in order to find the perfect buyer. Whether it's marketing to the local region, or international markets; we have the tools to draw a crowd.


Davis International gives an un-paralleled glimpse into luxury properties in some of the most extravagant locales around the globe. No matter your current location, you can effortlessly browse our upcoming auctions to find the property for you.  Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on new properties as soon as they are available.